Not Naturally Green-Fingered? Try the Docomo Garden Sensor

It is rare that I get genuinely excited over new gadgets, but this one actually made me squeal with delight like a Japanese schoolgirl shopping for accessories in Harajuku. The Garden Sensor from Docomo is a tiny little sticky thing, topped with a cutsie four-leaf clover design that will help you look after your veggies so they grow up big and tasty. You stick it in the ground, next to your veg, and it will measure moisture levels, sunlight and other such necessaries. It then sends the data wirelessly to DoCoMo, where their team of gardening experts will advise you, via text phone or email, how best to cultivate your greens. It seems that with the Garden Sensor, Docomo is trying to do its little bit for the planet and prove its corporate social responsibility. I’m sold.

The Garden Sensor is priced between $20 and $30. It will be available from 2011 on a test basis in Japan.