Panasonic Este relaxes your eyes and keeps you rejuvenated

Our eyes are very precious to us but given the time we spend staring on to the screens of smartphones and other mobile devices, we are taking least care of our eyes. Dry eyes and fatigue have become common to all of us and that has made us restless. To help our eyes with the much needed relief, Panasonic has come up with Este EH-SW50 eye rhythm instrument with touch steam. The water filled Panasonic device when placed on the eye with the press of a button can generate warm steam of about 40 degree centigrade, which heats the thermal sensing unit on the lower part of the device to soothe the eye. The device automatically stops after 12 minutes and the results of the device have been commendable.

The Panasonic device available in pink and silver colors is rechargeable. On one full charge that it can attain in about an hour, the Este original eye can be used for two 12 minute sessions. Priced at 18,000 yen, about $225 the device is not only beneficial for your eyes at bedtime but can also be your partner on a relaxed business trip.