Panasonic Green Air Conditioners Cools Down Tokyo As It Heats Up

Panasonic will be creating Cool Spots in the City of Tokyo, contributing to the creation of a comfortable, bustling city in the summer of 2020. Between May and September 2018, in Japan, nearly 100,000 people required ambulance assistance for such health threat according to the announcement made by the Fire and Disaster Management Agency on October 25, 2018. In response to this temperature challenge, Panasonic is offering Air Cooling Mist solutions that are suitable for outdoor installation such as at bus stops, sidewalks and entrances to venues.

The Panasonic Green Air Conditioner is an Air Cooling Mist solution which sprays an unrivalled silky fine mist, cooling the air with negligible residue. The solution includes a rotating air curtain blower that uses a swirling airflow. This creates a dome-shaped cooling space with a diameter of 2 meters, which can easily keep up to five people cool at any one time. In the 2m diameter cooling area created by the solution, the temperature can be lowered by 4 degrees, which results in users experiencing a perceived decrease of about 7 degrees in bodily temperature.

The Panasonic Green Air Conditioner is also equipped with a remote monitoring and control system that can automatically control the spray according to local weather forecast data. This enables the solution to alter the spray flow rate according to the air temperature and stop automatically on rainy days and cool days. Air Cooling Mist units have already been installed at Odaiba Rainbow Park, a popular tourist spot that overlooks Rainbow Bridge and the sandy beach facing Tokyo Bay, since July 2019. The Green Air Conditioner is part of Panasonic’s commitment to contribute innovative solutions to achieve a Better Life, a Better World beyond 2020.