Panasonic motored bicycle can travel up to 88 km

Panasonic has just surprised us with the introduction of a motored bicycle. In addition to being one among many such contraptions that look pretty but kick up some mean performance, this particular one is able to go the distance. Called the Bibi ELE-432, the bicycle will be available in two size variants of 24 inches and 26 inches. The cycles will be powered by a li-ion battery of 16.0 Ah. The battery capacity is about 21% better than the ELE-43, which preceded it. The three modes that the bike runs on offer different distance coverage. The Power Mode can take the bike to 54 km, the Automatic Mode can take it 63 km but if you talk about going the distance, the Long Mode takes it to 88 km. All these numbers are possible after a single charge. A cool attachment makes it easy to port children as well.

The Bibi ELE-432 weighs 28.2 kilograms and is available in Japan.



[ Via : Panasonic ]