Panasonic to let users control home appliances remotely using cloud based smart app

Remote controlled home appliances have turned up noses previously, but Panasonic’s effort to bring consumers in Japan, smart home appliances with cloud based services turns out really awesome. Using the new Panasonic Smart App, users in Japan will be able to remotely control compatible appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, healthcare devices and kitchen appliances using their Android phones. Making life simpler for the jet age, the Panasonic Smart App will let users control their air conditioner from the outside of their homes, check if their refrigerator is running on optimal power or if the calorie intake and weight is according to their exercise regime all from the comfort of their smartphone alone.

Scheduled to be released from September 25 in Japan, the Panasonic’s X Series room air conditioners, NR-F557XV top-mount refrigerator, EW-FA43 body composition monitor and EW-BW53 blood pressure monitor are some of the appliances that the Panasonic Smart App will have covered. The Smart app is a cloud based service thus users will be free to download information and settings etc anytime, anywhere. The app however will be available for free from Club Panasonic website on a simple registration.