Panasonic TH-P103MT2 an enormous 103 inch 3D Plasma TV

Way back in 2008 Panasonic introduced the TH-103PZ800 a 103 inch full HD Plasma. Panasonic has improvised the technology and introduced the TH-P103MT2 which supports 3D playback. It lacks a TV tuner, supports full HD resolution and comes with a new dynamic black layer, better gas discharge technology along with improved luminous efficiency. It supports a contrast ratio of 5,000,000: 1, 24Hz image processing and comes with a pair of 3D glasses. This mega TV weighs in at 320 kgs and consumes 1350 Watts of power which is the equivalent of 10 40 inch LED televisions. To be made avaialble in Japan only pre-ordering starts from November 18 for 8,500,000 Yen ($ 102,000).
[Panasonic Japan]