Panasonic’s Triangular Rulo Robo Vacuum can Get Backed into a Corner and Still Make a Clean Sweep

panasonic-robo-vacuum-0The triangle shaped Panasonic MC-RS1 Rulo floor vacuum aims to very literally ‘corner’ the market on innovative robot help. Thanks to its non-traditional design, getting into those ‘tight-corners’ will be easy now and no longer would you need to worry about that section of a room.

panasonic-robo-vacuum-2While the Rulo might function just like other any other robotic floor vacuum, its unique design gives it a little more versatility. Its two rotating brushes swing around in circles beneath its body to attract dirt and will give those pesky dust bunnies a run for their money. The brushes sweep the dirt into rotating the central part of the Rulo’s underbelly. All of the Rulo’s components within its 6.6lbs 11.8 inch wide body are designed to work on all kinds of surfaces including Japanese tatami mats. According to the company, the sensors on the Rulo are so finely tuned that they can detect microscopic specs of dirt that are ‘virtually invisible to the eye’.

panasonic-robo-vacuum-1Panasonic has designed the Rulo to run for about one hour in auto mode. Thanks to its variety of sensors (infrared, ultrasonics et al) the Rulo will find its way around your furniture, cats and dogs, tables and chairs etc. and make a clean sweep of things. It can follow a stretch of wall as well as move in random directions to make sure it covers all areas.

panasonic-robo-vacuum-4At a listed price of about $913 (¥107,780), the Panasonic Rulo will go on sale sometime in March in Japan. The company is expecting a high demand for the little guy which is why they aim to have around 5000 units produced each month. Go Rulo!