Porsche ACC InnoDrive System lets your car take charge of the pedals

Porsche cars aren’t just only about luxury sports cars. The automaker, besides making beautiful cars, also seeks to make its vehicles safer and more efficient. It is now working on a new system called ACC InnoDrive which completely removes the driver’s feet from the pedals. Owing to this system, the car makes notes of the route that the user takes along with other logistics like estimates of the speed limit, curves, and elevation changes. It then converts that into data that car can use and put your feet off the pedals.

The intention is to create a car that can incessantly keep a tab on speed, throttle and other aspects which further contribute to a smooth and comfortable experience complete with optimized efficiency. The system comes in three modes i.e. Comfort, Dynamic and Off. The pedals are taken over by the car in the Dynamic mode and you just have to take care of the steering part. Our friends at Autoblog had the chance to actually ride in a prototype Porsche Panamera S which was equipped with the system. The hardware used was a second ECU in the trunk which is responsible for stashing additional data. They conceded that letting the car control the pedals completely did get scary sometimes but to their surprise, it performance was impeccably perfect.
It is going to be another 3 years before Porsche can put this technology on road. It would be available on most of their cars including sports cars. We don’t have any word on pricing here but believe it to be steep.