PSP2 To Feature 3G Support Sans Any Smartphone capabilities

Ever wonder what tech blogsphere would look like without rumors and leaks? The answer is nerve-wrecking boring. Sony’s PSP2 official launch is scheduled for later this week, but Japanese Business Newspaper Nikkei couldn’t restrain itself from giving ahead-of-time sneak peek at its specs and features. The new portable device is not going to be a smartphone albeit the presence of 3G data support. In Japan the device will be able to link DoCoMo network through a 3G phone connection. This does translates into the fact that it is equipped to download all sorts of media from the internet as against the present scaled-down Wi-Fi capabilities in PSP.

Sony might just sweeten the deal by throwing an OLED screen here that would produce amazing visuals. A new yet-to-be-revealed processor has been developed which will bestow upon the device some serious performance capabilities. Well we just have to wait until 27th January and see how far the hype was justified.