Put out fires like a superhero with this incredible Elide Fire Ball

Elide Fire Ball (2)
Fire? No problem. All you need is the Elide Fire Ball in your bag and no matter what kind of fire you’re dealing with, it shall be put out in a blink. This is a huge step away from the conventional fire extinguishers, which often are painfully large and inconvenient to use in times of emergency. Another potential problem with the old-school fire-fighting systems is the lack of training given to folks on using them. German start-up, Elide, has devised something that could bring an end to all fire woes with a really cool, simple and fast way to extinguish flames. It’s called the Elide Fire Ball. It weighs just 1.5 kilograms and has to be simply thrown into a fire. When it detects a temperature rise, the ball explodes, putting out the fire in an instant. You could also mount this in areas that are prone to fire so that it can explode even in the absence of a thrower.

The ball only explodes when it detects a particular temperature, making it extremely safe. Moreover, it doubles up as a fire alarm as it emits a sound at a particular temperature, alerting those around. Now isn’t this cool?
Elide Fire Ball (1)
[ Via : Psfk ]