Radio Active Reactor danger watch

reactorwatch1111.jpgHere is a totally quirky watch that we have come across in a very long time. Out from the house of TokyoFlash (where else!) is the Radio Active Reactor Danger Watch. You wont be able to keep a track of the exact time but you can know the approximate time with it. To give you a gist, “The time is displayed by simply adding the lights. 20 plus 10 plus 2= 32 minutes. The Red Warning light is for the 6 hour mark and the Danger gauge for the other 6 hours.” The watch measures 3.1 cm across by 4.1 cm long by 1.1 cm thick. The strap and case are solid stainless so you can expect it to be a bit heavy on a delicate wrist.

Radio Active Reactor danger watch can be yours for 11,900 yen ($103.74). it isn’t available just yet.