Razer Ouroboros wireless mouse features a customizable body

It’s very difficult to satiate a gamers’ creed but Razer has repeatedly brought us gamers some of the finest peripherals we’ve loved and embraced. Adding to the ranks is the recently launched Razer Ouroboros – wireless mouse perfect for comfort and precision of use. The very flexible mouse has a utterly flexible body, sides and back which can extend and contract to perfectly fit a users grip. The mouse has 11 programmable buttons and can be used both wirelessly and with wires, the when used wirelessly the mouse is powered by rechargeable AA battery offering 12 hours of play time.

Featuring both optical and laser sensors at the bottom, the mouse offers 8,200dpi and has bright green backlight under the side buttons and the scroll wheel. Besides altering shape of the mouse to suit you grip you can also adjust DPI of the $130 Razer Ouroboros mouse.