ReCon 6.0 may be your pet substitute

05.jpgFinding it hard to fend for a pet and that annoying toddler who feels that pooches are as good as smooches? Then here’s the perfect solution for you. Unlike a real pooch, the programmable bot called ReCon 6.0 does just what you ordered it to do. It’s programmable and it’s a robot. It can be programmed to move through specified courses or display a message and have it delivered in person to anyone. It doesn’t require a computer to get all the programming to work. So, you can use it as a good substitute to an actual pet or simply be a bit lazier and order it to carry messages around your gigantic castle.

ReCon 6.0 will require C batteries to work. It will cost you $70 and will save you all the poop cleaning and mating headaches.