Remote Control Cars to come with Pre-crash safety systems with Break assist

While I might be not be that age anymore, boys and their toys are never to far apart. We simply replace the stuff we grew up with, with the more expensive, technologically advanced models and hope to see far cooler stuff in those our kids play with. Take RC (radio Controlled) cars for instance. The stuff I had growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, although great for the time, have since then taken on a whole new life. From fuel powered vehicles to the latest from CCP Co Ltd who unveiled a set of prototypes that feature pre-crash safety systems with the added functionality of brake assist systems. Now that’s advancement! The cars were showcased at this year’s International Tokyo Toy Show.

While some might think that this technology could be a little excessive in a kid’s toy, others, and I agree with the latter, consider it to be perfect for kids who might not have as much ‘control’ of their radio control cars as parents would hope. For one thing, the pre-crash safety systems will keep the cars from hitting walls and or parents legs and others walking about. Less damage to the home and furniture and the rather expensive toy as well. It’s a win-win scenario.

Each of these new RC vehicles that ship with this feature will be equipped with two infrared sensors that will deploy the pre-crash safety system when it detects a large enough obstacle in its path. The break assist feature will then kick in to reduce speed and bring the car to a halt well in advance. The system also has “return” function that will allow the car to back off a little and go back to the control after its sensor is triggered and the car stops. To counter surface issues when breaking the company is working to ensure that the breaking system is timed to perfection.

Although these two nifty systems are not yet in a marketable phase, come Fall, we should able to see them in action in stores. There’s no word on how these systems will affect the price of the cars but we’re hoping it won’t be too much of a hike. Either way, it’s good to know that even our kids toys are getting safer with time and technology.

[Via – Nikkeibp]