Robots, technology master the art of Sushi in Japan

Even wondered how precise a robot would be in conjuring up a perfectly shaped rice ball? Well, if they have precision enough to handle nanotechnology and surgery, why no sushi? Taking a step ahead from the traditional, conveyor belt-enabled sushi restaurants across Japan is the idea of cookery going sci-fi. A futuristic technology adds more flavor to the whole experience by ensuring that the prepared dishes are well balanced. Most leading eateries are connected to centers that offer this exclusive service, much distant a fact from the traditional sushi chef trusting nothing but his knife.

“Sushi isn’t going round at random but rather it is coming out based on a number of calculations,” said Akihiro Tsuji, public relations manager at Kura Corp., a leading player in the market who are forecasted to hit $5.0 billion in revenue this year. “Though traditional, sushi is stuffed with high technology. You can’t operate low-price revolving sushi restaurants without databases and scientific management.”

[Via – Akihabaranews]