30% of Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatches are being returned; has Samsung bit off more than they can chew?

As life in the fast paced mobile generation would have it, owners of Samsung’s over-priced Galaxy Gear smart watch have come down with a sever case of buyer’s remorse. It’s a little bit weird though to see that there are so many people who get caught up in marketing gimmicks / ads and end up spending more money on devices that, as it turns out, didn’t do what they expected. It makes you wonder just what tech writers like us are actually doing with our time and that the internet is merely a place where the lay consumer simply goes to consume material where’s it customary to see gadget adds all over the place or the next obvious alternative – porn.

I find it hard to believe the reports saying that documentation stating about one third of consumers who purchased a gadget like the Galaxy gear have returned it. My reasons being, it’s been spoken about for so long, tech sites have carried all kinds of news and details about it from it’s specifications to it’s have and have-nots. Even the ads themselves give you enough information to make a calculated decision on whether or not it’s actually worth the hefty price tag of $300. So why spend so much money in the first place only to return it?

Reviews and write ups about the smartwatch with its 800MHz processor, 512MB of RAM, Bluetooth capabilities and lack of social networking functionality have been all over the internet, easy enough to find via a quick Google Search. One would assume you’d do enough research about a costly product before buying it. On the other hand, if you’re rich, it wouldn’t matter so returning it would never come to mind.

It seems 30% of the Galaxy Gear users have had one issue or another with the device and returned it from whence it came. That’s quite a setback for Samsung. It was quite evident at the time of its launch and through the various public ads and initial news coverage that this is a premium device which translates to a, it’s not for everyone. As it is, its compatibility was limited to just the newly announced Samsung devices viz. the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10. But recent announcements indicate that it now supports older devices like the S4 and others that received the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Update. So unless you’re a Samsung fan, this watch will only be good enough to tell time and not much else.

However, that being said, Samsung is going to have to up its game drastically or start selling the Gear at a lower rate if it’s going to seriously compete with the likes of Sony, the Pebble and the other contenders. They’re also going to have to make the Gear an open set up so it’ll work with any smartphone and not just the high-end Samsung specific devices. That’s just my two bits.

[Via – The-Inquirer]