Samsung to Unveil Full Range of Wind-Free Air Conditioners at 2020 AHR Expo

Samsung will unveil its full, industry-leading Wind-Free air conditioner line-up at the 2020 AHR Expo in Orlando, Florida from February 3-5. Visitors at the AHR Expo will be able to view Samsung’s complete Wind-Free air conditioner lineup, including the new wall-mounted RAC unit, 1Way Cassette, 4Way Cassette, Mini 4Way Cassette, and 360 Cassette. These new models meet the standard as far as energy efficiency and air cleaning capabilities and utilize AI and Samsung’s SmartThings Cloud to adapt to usage patterns and climate conditions in order to maintain a cool, comfortable environment without the discomfort of cold, direct airflows. Including the market’s first wall-mounted air conditioner with Wind-Free technology.

At the expo, Samsung will also display its DVM S Eco HR system and 4ton FJM (Free Joint Multi) outdoor system. The DVM S Eco HR system is a large capacity VRT system air conditioner that is capable of simultaneously cooling and heating in separate rooms is suitable for both residential properties and hotel sites and has multiple connection points that enable flexibility when it comes to installation. The 4ton FJM outdoor system features a home piping system that allows for the connection of up to five indoor units with a single outdoor unit, thus reducing installation time and cost. The 4ton FJM is also compatible with the newly launched RAC indoor unit, which streamlines operations and completes the FJM lineup for the North American market with the introduction of the Console.