Samsung unveils premium accessories for Galaxy Note III and S4 Zoom at Paris Fashion Week

Accessories for Samsung smartphones are as boring as the devices themselves and that’s one of the major reasons thwarting the sales. To tackle the issue, Samsung has teamed up with some well known fashion houses and designers recently to come up with more attractive lineup. At the Paris Fashion Week, the Korean giant revealed a new set of premium accessories for Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 Zoom developed in partnership with Hexa by Kuho. The product lineup has a distinct Korean flavor to it.

All the accessories, consisting of handbags and protective casings, are a part of womenswear collection. Made out of special grade leather, it will come in black and white colors. All the accessories are embellished with a Housouge pattern, a decorative floral medallion design originating from Korea. The casings for Galaxy Note 3 come with a zipper and the Galaxy Zoom S4 has a sliding pouch design with a groove for the massive lens ring making it look like a part of the whole design. Samsung hasn’t confirmed the pricing or the availability of the accessories collection but we expect the premium grade add-ons to cost quite a lot.




[Via – Samsung]