Samsung outs Blu-Ray players with UltraViolet disc to digital support

Samsung has launched Blu-Ray players, the BD-ES6500 and BD-ES6000 integrated with disc to digital technology to back their recently-announced partnership with UltraViolet. Here consumers can register ownership of physical DVD or Blu-Ray discs by inserting them into either of these players. Then this will lead to creation of digital copies and it will be added to the user’s UltraViolet account. However if you’d be upgrading a DVD to high-definition, there’s a small TBA fee associated with it.

The BD-ES6000 here is a compact little player whereas the ES6500 resembles the conventional players and includes two HDMI ports to help streamline a user’s home theater. This one allows game consoles and set-top boxes to hook directly into the Blu-Ray player as against the TV. Both players support 3D Blu-Ray Wi-Fi, DLNA, and access to the Samsung Smart Hub for apps. Besides, there is a separate Android and iOS remote app specifically for Blu-Ray now which was previously available only for TVs.
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