Sanwa 3D viewer lets you watch YouTube movies on iPhone in 3D

3D content viewership has been on the lower side because of the hefty price tag of all 3D electronics, but for the iPhone users’ 3D content could come for a nominal price. Costing around 1,980 yen (approx. $25), Sanwa 3D viewer lets iPhone 4 or 4S users enjoy YouTube content in 3D. The Sanwa 3D viewer is an eyewear device similar to the MY3D viewer from Hasbro, with a difference that the Sanwa device displays larger than life YouTube content in side-by-side format (yt3D) on the iPhone.

Available through the Sanwa website, the Sanwa 3D viewer measures 40 x 90 x 75 mm and weighs as light as 127g. The Sanwa device has an opening on the underside wherefrom the user can reach the touchscreen and controls of the docked iPhone.