Say hello to Mr. and Mrs. Frois and Yukirin, the world’s first robot couple to be joined in matrimony

Meet Frois, the groom; a jovial chap with a shy yet gentlemanly and slightly awkward demeanor who didn’t seem to mind that 100 people and thousands the world over would be witness to his nuptials. Meet Yukirin, the beautiful bride, a seemingly calm and collected ‘lady’ with all the hints of sophistication and face that looks almost too perfect to be real. She too didn’t seem the least bit nervous on her auspicious day, one that would go down in history. These two Japanese “citizens” (for all intents and purposes) took their wows in front of friends, family, their makers, the media, and the many, many people who tuned in to watch and be part of their “special” day… And yes, I did say makers as Frois and Yukirin are in fact, two robots; the very first ever to be tied together in not-so-holy matrimony.

Like most others on the planet, their happy and momentous day was celebrated with nuptials, a multi-tiered cake, a buffet, music, dancing and a first public kiss as Mr. & Mrs. that was rather charming and quite awkward for the shy couple. If it was their first, we’ll never know; it’s hard to tell with these youngsters these days. The invitations that were sent out to the guests of the charismatic couple, featured a cute picture of the two of them inside a heart shaped cut out. The congregation consisted of both human and non-humans alike (that’s hard to distinguish sometimes).
Maywa Denki, Frois’ “maker” was the man behind the event and probably the best man as well, after all, someone had to make sure the grooms circuits and batteries were charged and that he wasn’t getting “cold feet”… well colder than they already were at least. The ceremony was officiated by Softbank’s robot, Pepper, who was launched last year,
The two happy bots couldn’t be more different from each other and come from so very different backgrounds as well; Yukirin being from a humanoid series and Frois being of a more ‘traditional/conventional’ series. It’s a good thing the families had no objections to this marriage. But we’re in a more accepting world these days seeing as the US passed just passed a law accepting Same Sex marriages.
Japan is famous for grand and “unique” weddings and also quite famous for their contribution to robotics, so naturally this shouldn’t be too surprising. Back in 2010, a robot named I-Fairy even performed a ceremony joining two very human people in holy wedlock. If it’s a robot doing things that are ‘out of the ordinary’ for their kind or others, Japan is the place they’ll be doing it. But in this day and age, if two consenting adults love each other and wish to be married, I say, it doesn’t matter where they come from, what they’re made of, or who their manufacturer is, no one should stand in the way of their commitment. Vive L’Amour!

[Via – It Media]