ScreenX technology uses theater walls to amplify visual effects

It is true that a single visual source can gain more attention from us than a bevy of effects thrown at us from all directions. However, visuals that amplify or support the main visual, along the usual side corners of our eye can cause an even greater impact to the main scene. That’s just what is achieved through the ScreenX technology, deployed in South Korea. The makers hope that the 270-degree visual experience takes users beyond the 3D and 4D experience. Basically, it makes use of the side walls of a theater screen to create visuals that efficiently complements the main action on the screen. In a video shared, the technology shows off the effect it can have in the viewing of a thriller movie, Killer Toon.

Around 40 theaters already support the technology in South Korea. The technology may head to international theaters soon. The main value driven from such screenings is that the visuals seem to jump off the screen. Well, I’d like to watch some action and horror in these.


[Via – Psfk]