Seagate unwraps world’s thinnest portable hard drive Seagate Seven at CES

seagate-worlds-thinnest-portable-hard-drive-1The glam quotient of each and every gadget we own is increasing day by day. It’s becoming more and more important that our gadgets be slim and trim, have sexy curves, and weigh lesser. Keeping the thin fad in mind, Seagate has launched world’s thinnest portable hard disk drive Seagate Seven 500 GB USB 3.0 which has a thickness of just 7mm. The hard drive which is as thin as the thinnest Chinese smartphones is complemented with ravishing looks, the credit of which goes to the stainless steel body. Seagate said that Seagate Seven is their statement product and the storage device celebrates 35 years of storage expertise and innovation. The device has been made to be thinner but still be capable of the structural integrity of an external portable storage device. Seagate Seven just weighs 90 grams which makes it very comfy to carry in your back pocket.

Seagate Seven 500 GB was launched at ongoing CES Las Vegas. The portable hard disk drive will be available from mid-January for a price of $99.99.