SeaLife Mini II camera in nearly ‘indestructible’

03a.jpgA camera normally goes through a rather rough ride, especially when it gets branded as ‘rugged‘ and tough. The SeaLife Mini II is true to its name with the ability to survive durability tests and live to tell the tale. It matters to deep sea divers since it holds till 130-feet depths with an impenetrable casing. A special underwater mode makes it possible to shoot clear images without the blue tinge that often plagues underwater shots. What makes it even tougher is its ability to face shocks from falls, thanks to the rubber case that even makes it crush proof, as illustrated in the image. It has a 2.4-inch display screen that is just enough to enjoy your 9-megapixel shots. It has an internal memory of 26MB and supports SDHC memory expansion up to 8GB.

03b.jpgNow, that let downs are the VGA quality video capture and no optical zoom, which is substituted with a pitiful digital zoom of 3x. Expect it in March for about $260.