Seiko Bluetooth watch connects to your phone

Seiko Japan has developed a prototype watch which connects to the Mobile phone via Bluetooth. The watch displays Network signal strength, Battery life and new Message. Upon loading a special software from Seiko Instruments on your phone the watch can display the Message subject and the Sender’s name. When you receive a call or SMS the watch can play a melody and even vibrate. In case the phone goes outside the Bluetooth range the watch sounds an audible alert. You can also silent the incoming ring of the phone using the watch.

Seiko Instruments plans to release a commercial
version of the watch by 2007.
Via – Seiko
Instruments Japan

Battery indicator, Network signal strength and Message
indicator are displayed

The subject of the Text Message is displayed

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  1. Would be great if eventually, one could answer the call as well. Like the color choices. Browns, Burgundies, Golds. However, the size is rather large.

  2. Hi,
    i want to know about price of Seiko Blue thoot watch in U.S dollers. and where i will find it in Pakistan.