SensorWake alarm clock brings in the day with olfactory teases

It may be true that most of us love waking up to the sound of sparrows while others love the touch of soft satin sheets to greet a new day. What about the rare few among us who prefer our sense of smell as an incentive to leave our cozy sheets behind? Behold the SensorWake alarm clock that uses a blend of pleasant smells as it goes off at a designated time. The alarm clock uses a scent pod instead of a scent spray. The best part is that the developers are confident about the effectiveness of the clock in waking you up effectively in 2 minutes. They promise it to be 99% effective.

I would like waking up to the smell of chocolate. That’s something that comes with promise for a long day ahead. The individual scented pods seem quite interesting. Should this product hit the assembly line (post reaching its Kickstarter target) we may see more scents arriving.

[Via – Cnet]