First of its kind vending machine in Japan wants you to shake a leg to get your choice of ice cream

icecream-vendig-machineWhen it comes to vending machines, no other country can match Japan at sheer awesome things they can do with the automated vending boxes. Japan is absolutely nuts over vending machines and has more than 5.6 million of them selling everything like booze, eggs, crabs and even cars. If you are new to Tokyo, you should definitely try out the endless flavors of Kit Kat and the cute little vending machines selling ice cream; particularly the ones by Seventeen Ice, they are amazingly unique. 30 years ago, the brand had set up its first ice cream vending machine in Japan and they have come up with a truly unique way to celebrate this occasion. The company has come with the world’s first vending machine which dispenses ice cream of choice only when the user dances for it.

Confused? The vending machine is quite similar to the Dance Dance Revolution arcade game. The user will have to dance to any of the 17 choreographed videos stored on the machine to get the ice cream of choice. The unique machine will be put on display for only one day on the 26th April at Shibuya shop Plaza in Tokyo. Seventeen Ice has roped in the teen singing-sensation Muto Ayami as the brand ambassador for this occasion.