Sharp’s new DR Series AQUOS TVs come loaded with built in Blu-ray drive and 500 Gigs storage

Now here are a couple of TV’s that have it all. Well almost all. Sharp’s latest additions to their popular Aquos DR Series range of televisions include the 32 inch LC-32DR9 and the 40 inch LC-40DR9 models that come with some exciting features. First off they both feature 500GB of internal storage for your media. That’ll store quite a few videos, photos and even music for whenever you require it. Secondly, and my favorite, is the inclusion of a built in Blu-ray drive. The great thing about having these two features is the reduction in unnecessary and sometimes cumbersome wiring, plus it frees up a little space since you won’t need a secondary Blu-ray unit. The tray for the Blu-ray disc is located front and center making it very convenient to access. Sharps’ One-Shot Playback system also auto starts the disc as soon as it’s inserted.

The smaller 32 inch model, unlike the 40 inch full HD model, features a WXGA (1366 × 768 pixels) panel which is a little disappointing seeing as full HD 32 inch TVs are easily available at decent prices these days. Another interesting feature about having so much internal memory is that the TV’s allow you to record your favorite shows on the fly and even save programs running on other channels. It should able to easily capture about 524 hours of video. To make it even more innovative these new additions also allow you to record up to 2 shows simultaneously. If need be you can also choose to extend the storage capacity with an external drive connected via USB. Other features like “Wait a minute” allow you to pause current programs (record it in the background in temporary storage) and pick up where you left off without missing a beat.

Both televisions come equipped with 2 HDMI connections, D5 video input, composite video input, and optical digital output for audio. They’re slated to be out on July 26th and prices for the LC-32DR9 and LC-40DR9 models are expected to be close to $1316 (130,000 yen) and $1620 (160,000 yen). That seems like a pretty good price for an all-in-one type HDTV.


[Via – Itmedia]