Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 offers ‘super-first’ class with double beds

How much would you fork out for a cabin with double bed, wardrobe and a television for one night’s stay……in air! ‘In air’ is actually what I meant. Singapore Airlines have launched the new ’super-first’ class on the Airbus A380 double decker. It is aimed at raising the benchmark of airline luxury and adding opulent glamour to flying for even the most jaded of VIP jetsetters. Designed by yacht designer Jean-Jacques Coste, the fully enclosed private suites feature leather seats and a full-sized bed with mattresses. Unlike many airline ‘flat beds’ no part of the seat converts into the bed. The bed will be made up by cabin crew with Givenchy-designed duvets and cushions. The two middle suites can be converted into doubles for couples. Entertainment is provided through a 23-inch flat-screen TV, with a choice of 100 films and 180 TV programs, and 700 CDs.

Singapore Airlines, which took delivery of the first of 19 A380s revealed that the planes will have 12 private suites for its top paying passengers along with 60 in business class and 399 in economy. Passengers will have to pay £1,991 ($ 4,000) for a suite for one-way between Singapore to Sydney. Economy-class passengers in the A380 would pay £320 ($640) for the same journey. Services start on the Singapore-Sydney route on 25 October, with a London to Singapore service to be introduced early next year.


Via – Luxurylaunches

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  1. How much will charge the airline for a round trip ticket Singapore Newark Singapore in the Super First Class Service ?
    I really wanna fly in that huge bird.