Sky is the limit, with the strap on mini-helicopters

Rush hour traffic and getting late to work will soon be a thing of the past. The Martin Jetpack will soon let people fly to work! These mini-helicopters can be strapped on and you can easily fly to your destination. The two liter jet powered engine will easily let you fly across the sky skies at 100km/h at heights of up to 50 meters. Inventor Glenn Martin dreams of the day commuters will hop into the contraption to fly to work, missing rush hour traffic. The first flying will be limited to low and slow flying in a controlled area while the Christchurch-based company road tests the safety and limits of the engine.

For now, only the tourists in New Zealand can get their hands on these and enjoy a birds eye view of the country with these jetpacks. Plans are on to launch these mini-helicopters in Australia and the rest of the world later on. The flight will cost as much as a bungee jump or a or a tandem skydive and it requires just a few minutes of training before the user actually takes off and starts using the jetpack. Flying high in the sky won’t be a distant dream anymore. Martin and co are still perfecting the design to make is safe for its users.