Smart Fortwo gets makeover, making it tinier

05.jpgYou would have been a fan of the Smart Fortwo when it rolled out as a perfect car for insignificant drives. However, the new rendition of the car seems to disappoint beyond belief. The car’s gone 8.8-feet long (read: short), with not too many complaints from those condemned to use it, who are tall. You would be amazed at the 70horsepower pumped up by the modest 1-liter engine, with 3 cylinders. Well, what more could you ask from a low-expectation ‘improvement’ of a car that would otherwise be just okay. It’s got a poor transmission and take 12.8 seconds to touch 60mph.

Built by Mercedes Benz, the car comes in two versions, Trim ($12,490) and Passion ($14,690). Oh, there’re good things said about the fuel economy as well.