Sonic the Hedgehog’s Chaos Emerald-inspired energy drinks pack an extra punch of oomph

Chaos Emeralds have been the known to give lovable Sonic the Hedgehog a regular dose of good luck in the bestselling video game franchise. Designers Julie Aniela and Jak Hornblow turned these energy-giving jewels from the game into packaged energy-nectar. Called the Chaos Emerald Energy Drink, these are available in four different flavors including lemon, blue raspberry, fruit punch and green apple to go with the four Chaos Emerald colors. Also, the designer duo created a fantastic little box for the pack of four energy drink cans, complete with a Sonic 1 up icon on one side and a 10-ring prize icon on the other. A concept created for a photo shoot for Sonic’s anniversary in 2011, we’d love to buy some of these off store shelves for real!

[Via TechnaBob]