Sony brings forth 14-inch VAIO T14 Ultrabook, skips touchscreen routine

Just about everything Sony threw at us had a touchscreen on it. So we’re mildly intrigued by the VAIO T14 Ultrabook that gives this feature a miss. This 14-inch, compact device will pack a regular keyboard and mouse so that you work things out the retro-style. This is a slight improvement from the T13, which has recently been given an optional touchscreen. The speakers in this case will be above the keyboard. The size is bigger but the number of ports remain the same. There is room on the sides for an optical drive to be accommodated, though.

The optional touchscreen for the T13 will set you back an additional $100 during the configuration process, taking its price higher than the existing $670. It will be available this month. As for the T14, it will share the same price tag and will go on sale in coming weeks.