Sony Semiconductor Solutions announces CMOS image sensor IMX735 for automotive cameras with industry-leading 17.42-effective megapixels

Sony Semiconductor Solutions today announced the IMX735, a cutting-edge CMOS image sensor tailored for automotive cameras, boasting a remarkable pixel count of 17.42 effective megapixels – a pinnacle in the industry. This revolutionary sensor promises to revolutionize the landscape of automotive camera systems, enabling them to achieve unparalleled sensing and recognition capabilities, ultimately enhancing the safety and reliability of automated driving.

The IMX735 sensor achieves the industry’s highest pixel count of 17.42 effective megapixels, facilitating the high-definition capture of distant objects. Additionally, automated driving systems frequently integrate automotive cameras with LiDAR and various sensing technologies. Unlike conventional CMOS image sensors that readout signals vertically one line at a time, this innovative product processes signals horizontally, one row at a time. This horizontal signal output aligns seamlessly with the scanning pattern of mechanical LiDAR systems, offering enhanced synchronization that, in turn, elevates the overall sensing and recognition capabilities of the automated driving system.

The new sensor incorporates an enhanced saturation illuminance feature, made possible by a proprietary pixel structure and a unique exposure method. This results in an impressive dynamic range of 106 dB, even when deploying high dynamic range (HDR) imaging and LED flicker mitigation simultaneously. In dynamic range priority mode, the dynamic range extends even further to a remarkable 130 dB. This ingenious design effectively suppresses overexposure in challenging scenarios, such as backlit conditions, ensuring more precise object capture in environments with varying brightness, such as tunnel entrances and exits.

In the realm of automated driving, the key to success lies in the ability to deliver exceptional precision in sensing and recognition across the entire 360-degree spectrum surrounding the vehicle. Consequently, there’s a growing demand for image sensors capable of elevating the performance of automotive camera systems to new heights. With the IMX735, Sony Semiconductor Solutions paves the way for a new era in automotive camera technology, empowering automated driving systems with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of the modern road, and ultimately, making our journeys safer and more secure.