Sony unveils super-rugged 1080p-capable HDR-GW77V camcorder

Sony has just come up with an exceptional way for adventure seekers to capture and record their exploits in the outdoors, without fear of trashing expensive equipment to smithereens. Called the HDR-GW77V, simply nicknamed the Sony 77V, this camcorder is as strong and sturdy as you’d expect a rugged camcorder of its kind to be. Also, what sets this one apart from the rest is the fact that it records in AVCHD, a format much better than the usual MP4. With full 1080p recording capabilities, the Sony 77V comes with an EXMOR BSI Sensor and a 17x optical zoom. Waterproof and extremely strong, this camcorder comes with 16GB of internal memory, support for SD/SDHC cards and a price tag of $700.