Sony’s Bravia X9000C 4K TV is just 4.9mm thin

1-Sony Bravia X9000C 4K TV
Sony may well be making their mark in record books with the arrival of their Bravia X9000C 4K television set that may well be the thinnest there is. At just 4.9mm thinness, the set will be available in 65-inch and 55-inch variants. Wall-mountable and extremely sleek in design, this cool LCD television set offers a X1 4K tuner or video processor. One would wonder how such a thin screen could be hoisted up a wall but Sony seem to have an answer for that too. The wall-mounting bracket at the back of the Bravia X9000C is extremely thin but strong as well. All the thinness still ensures that the series matches up to the previous X8500C series. You have a content-aware television set that can be used with your Android and iOS smart-devices. It is also compatible with Netflix and leverages voice search as well.

2-Sony Bravia X9000C 4K TV
The 65-inch variant is expected to cost around 550,000 Yen ($4,585) while the 55-inch variant could set you back 350,000 Yen ($2,918).
3-Sony Bravia X9000C 4K TV

4-Sony Bravia X9000C 4K TV

5-Sony Bravia X9000C 4K TV

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