Sony’s MDR-RF4000K digital cordless headphones look sexy, kick bass and keep your home wire free

Sony has knack of device some really clean cut devices look aesthetically very appealing and just happen to be something that we’d most likely find use for around the home in our entertainment section. However, most of these devices are rather premium in nature and tend to cost a pretty penny. One of Sony’s new concepts in the home entertainment division is the MDR-RF4000K digital cordless headphones. It comes with a sleek looking dock/charging port so you won’t have to worry about that taking up valuable space in your cabinet of technological goodies. With their 40mm long-stroke diaphragm we can expect the audio quality to be exceptional. It runs on a NiMH battery that Sony says can dish out up to 7 hours of listening. There’s even a provision for extending that to about 10 hours with the help of a single AAA Alkaline battery. The MDR-RF4000K is due out sometime in April and even though there’s no price tag yet, I don’t expect they’d be too cheap.