Sony’s PSP Android smartphone is finally a reality, let the gaming commence

It was inevitable that Sony would cash in on the PSP’s fame and add a phone module to it seeing as the iPhone is kicking ass as the top mobile phone gaming device ever! We’ve been speculating for a long time with plenty of rumors going around about the so-called PSP phone, but its here now. Yet to be officially announced, the device is quite like a refurbished version of the PSP Go. It’s got a large touchscreen which is estimated to be between 3.7-4.1-inches and has a PSP Go like slide out control section. Instead of joysticks for movement, the phone will come with a touch sensitive track-pad.

It’s also supposed to come with Android Gingerbread (whatever version that will finally be – 2.3 or 3.0) and there’ll be a Sony Marketplace that will be available for getting games, in addition to the standard Android Marketplace I’m sure. We didn’t expect this to be a slow device and with a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM 8655 and 512MB of RAM with1GB ROM, it’s got plenty of speed to do all kind so things other than just gaming. Sony’s also going with a microSD card slot thankfully. There’s no word on a launch date but that’ll come up sooner than later I’m sure.
[Talk Android]