South Korea’s simple solution for poor battery life of smartphones

Do you constantly struggle with the poor battery performance of your smartphone? Smarter the phone sooner it runs out of juice. Sadly, batteries haven’t really improved at the pace with which smartphone technology has evolved. It’s a constant battle between battery and patience, which one runs out faster. But South Koreans’ have an answer to this menace, their solution, carry a spare battery! Everybody carries a spare battery for their smartphone in South Korea. Rather interestingly, even smartphone makers bundle a spare battery and a spare charger for it inside the box. But yes, only for smartphones with removable batteries.

Pop open a Samsung Galaxy SIV in South Korea and you’ll find a spare battery and charger. When the phone runs out of juice, swap the battery and you’re good to go. And if that’s not all, most of the convenience stores in the country offer the service of charging mobile phone batteries, under 30 minutes, for only W1000 ($1). I mean, how cool it is! Some complex problems really have some ridiculously simple solutions.




[Via – Reddit]