Stackable Toilet twists out for functionality

Toilet etiquettes and cleanliness is a very touchy topic with most of us. No matter how cluttered one’s room maybe, the toilet has to neat, clean and tidy. I belong to that school of thought that believes that a neat toilet is the mark of respectability. I am still on the fence regarding the Vertebrae, which is a vertically fold out toilet that incorporates all the essentials. Designer Paul Hernon took into consideration the small sizes of most apartments while designing this. Stacked one on top of the other is the toileat, sink, water cistern and two showers. Standing as an imposing 8ft-tall steel column, the £9,000 ($16,000) installation is for those who feel the space crunch, but still have the money to spare.

Utilizing the vertical space instead of horizontal floor space the stack looks impressive and easy to maintain. Of the two showers included one is meant for adults and the other for children. Both rotate 180 degrees however all the other units rotate a full 360 degrees.
All the piping work is concealed in the steel column, and each part simply pushes out when it is required. The Vertebrae is expected to hit the shelves next year. Bespoke versions will be available with shaving mirrors, lights and other additions.
Via – Luxurylaunches