Sun’s Modular Datacenter S20- Now shipping.

For a Graphics and animation geek like me the fastest processors or the most computational capability can either make or break a deal for a rendering task. What this next device is capable of doing isn’t something that everyone may use to do basic surfing or emails well maybe a lot of emails received by GOD!. With close to 3 Peta-bytes of storage, 18 teraflops of processing power all packed neatly in a 20 foot shipping container which can be dropped off to your front lawn if you please! Obviously you’ll need some serious ower to turn this beast on, 25Kw to be precise and 45-65 Gallons per minute of water consumption. Yes this device needs lots of water to cool its 8 19″ racks, for a grand total of 320 RU of rack storage space with depths of 30.75 inches. 7 of the 8 racks are used for server space running at full load; the remaining rack is used for network equipment and monitoring/management equipment. So if you don’t have an unlimited water supply your datacenter will melt. It’s not clear as to which network management system this centre uses, but for a starting price of $556,000/- its obvious it can be configured to anything you please.

Deployment time is as little as 22 days and they can be delivered by plane, train or automobile (semi) as they are, on the outside, standard shipping containers.