Super Mario Bros 8-bit playing cards are a pack of nostalgia!

The Super Mario Bros. franchise has been inspiring designers and product developers since a while now. This iconic video game has been quite addictive and has had gamers hooked since years. Recently, we spotted yet another tribute to the franchise, a pack of playing cards inspired by the Italian-American plumber and his adventures. The Super Mario Bros 8-bit Playing Cards are just what their name suggests, cards designed to look 8-bit! The cards come with pixilated graphics and images from the game that are bound to take you back to the old world of video games.

Besides the standard graphics you’d find on a pack of playing cards, only more pixilated this time, the Super Mario Bros 8-bit Playing Cards include Mario himself as the King, Koopa as the Joker card and a bunch of similarly altered images, to better suit the Super Mario Bros theme. Complete with the standard 52 cards, the deck is available for sale on Amazon and is a collector’s item worth purchasing, particularly if you’re looking for a dash of unmatched nostalgia!



[Via – Hiconsumption]