Super Mario Galaxy Wii Mod

Game Console Modification is not only an art but also a serious business. Modder Ramon needs no introduction, his previous efforts of Zelda, Samus, Rockstar and Clerks Wii mods have hit the sweet spot; right on! With great hits under his belt this time around he is auctioning Super Mario Galaxy Wii mod that will benefit Child’s Play, the children’s charity started by Penny Arcade. In this design he has incorporated 59 LEDs, 5 custom circuit boards, 30 feet of wire, two Mario figures, a controller holder; also everything else you see is either hand-made or laser cut. A custom plate dedicating this to Miyamoto is included in the design. The customized console stand has an integrated Wii remote holder and a compartment for recharging the included lithium-ion batteries. The edition Mario figurines seen on each side of the stand belong to a limited edition.

The current bid on the Super Mario Galaxy Wii Mod is of $550.