Tag Heuer Merediist 2 launched, not much might have changed, but it’s still as classy as ever

It took them five years to return with their next generation mobile phone and the big question is, has Tag Heuer got it right this time? The previous Merediist, priced just as high as the Vertu’s of the world, was a slick looking piece of hardware that was doused in class and cool elegance through and through. The variations in the line did give consumers a choice of style and preference in some ways. This, the Merediist 2 doesn’t look very different from the original and that might be a bit of a let down. Like its predecessor, the Merediist 2 also features a secondary OLED display at the top of the device for the time and a luxurious looking keypad below the 2.4-inch (240 x 320) Sapphire Crystal display.

So what really makes this so different? Nothing major really – it’s thinner and lighter. There’s no information about the operating system, although presumably some version of Android will be on the cards. It’s highly doubtful one would pay much attention to the specifics of the version if you’re going to spend $5304 (£3,300) for it. So we really can’t say just how much smarter the new model is from its predecessor. But unlike the Merediist Link, which was a touchscreen based Android smartphone, the Merediist 2 is sticking to the old school format. It’s still built with premium materials like stainless steel but now comes with Dual SIM capabilities to separate business and or family from pleasure, if you get my drift. Like the Vertu range Tag has their own version of an exclusive Concierge service that’s accessible with a single click of a dedicated key on the side. Tag’s watches are world renowned and very prominent in that space but if they’re not going to upgrade their watch line to suite today’s high-tech, high-spending individual, they’re not going to do too well in the smartphone space, even if it is a status symbol.





[Via – Tag-Heuer]