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  • Cuteness overload – Multiple kittens riding a Roomba

    Take a couple of kittens and leave them with a Roomba robot. It doesn’t get better than this. [Gizmodiva]

  • Israeli city to setup a Dog poop CSI unit

    Israeli city to setup a Dog poop CSI unit

    In the future walking away without cleaning your pet’s poo could land dog owners in Petah Tikva with a hefty fine. Not to mention a CSI-Dog poop edition making an appearance on out TV screens. Getting back to eerie reality, the city hopes to build a database so feces can be matched to registered dogs…

  • Yoda Cat has four years and nine lives

    Yoda Cat has four years and nine lives

    Crazy bit of news has surfaced, a cat with four ears was found by Ted and Valerie Rock way back in 2006. The quirky creature was originally christened Barfly but Star Wars mania gripped the family and a day later Yoda was born. Apparently the abnormality can cause hearing impairments, though Rock said several veterinarians…

  • Plexidor Electronic Dog Door

    Plexidor Electronic Dog Door

    When you own a pet dog one of the first things you need to get done is fix up a doggie door. The conventional one available has a minor problem, it may allow in just about any other creature or thug access to your house. Like they say, prevention is better than cure, so maintain…

  • Pet-Eye View Digital Camera

    Pet-Eye View Digital Camera

    Keeping a tab on your pet’s whereabouts is not an easy task. Especially if they are the mischievous kinds, there’s no knowing of how truant have they been. A good way of keeping tabs is clipping on the ultra-compact and extremely durable Pet-Eye View Digital Camera. You simply clip it on to your pet’s collar,…

  • Bubble bath for dogs does not use shampoo

    Bubble bath for dogs does not use shampoo

    Micro bubbles produced by micro bubble generator Wan Love for dogs reach the skin and hair roots of a dog and clean it without use of shampoo. The micro bubble generator from IDEC Corp, Japan is externally attached to the dog bath, by applying the company’s micro bubble generation technology GALFor. It can stably produce…

  • The Cool Pet House is extravagant

    The Cool Pet House is extravagant

    Take him to the spa, treat him to designer clothes or even buy him a fancy vacation home, but for heaven’s sake don’t indulge in such ridiculous treats like an Air-conditioned kennel! With prices of oil hitting the roof, it’s best to conserve rather than splurge in a separate A.C. kennel. Although the hand webcam…

  • Pet Pavilion Pet Incubator & Hotel

    Pet Pavilion Pet Incubator & Hotel

    With deceptive looks like the Infrared Pet drying room this device wont toast Fi Fi but this odd looking device from Korea will create the perfect environment for sick Fi Fi or any other pet be it a cat, dog or bird to get better. When your beloved pet is not feeling well just pop…

  • Tan you pet

    Tan you pet

    Okay, so you might want to kill yourself over how indulgent people are getting over their pets after reading this article. It seems people now like getting their pets “tanned”. Umm…and what if these animal tanning lovers had a black dog or cat? Anyhoo…SunSpa has now come out with this new pet tanning bed which…

  • Cool&Hot comfort pad for pampered pets

    Cool&Hot comfort pad for pampered pets

    Pets get pampered more then humans and this statemnet doesn’t need a proof as we have always been penning about stuff that many of us wouldn’t buy for ourselves but for our darling mutts. Japan, always being in news even for pet luxury has come up with Cool&Hot Comfort Pad for little brats. As the…