Takara Tomy Arts’ Gokurei beer server can chill beer can and serve as draft beer in 4 minutes

gokurei-beer-serverDo you remember the Takara Tomy Beer Hour jug that came out a few years back and made pouring beer from a can into a glass awfully easy? The device had a mechanism that stirred the beer to dispense nice and frothy beverage, but the only problem with it was that it didn’t have its own cooling system. Takara Tomy Arts has come up with a new beer server called “Premium Beer Server Gokurei” (gokurei in Japanese means super cold) that can chill a beer can within 4 minutes. Using the Premium Beer Server Gokurei, you can chill a beer can to the best temperature to drink and then serve the beer within it like draft beer through a tap.

The Takara Tomy Premium Beer Server Gokurei is powered by 4 AA batteries and to make the beer cold, it needs to be fed with ice and water. All it takes is 4 minutes for the beer server and it can chill a 350ml canned beer to 4-6℃. Additionally, by adding salt to the ice and water, you are able to cool it to below zero ℃. The Beer Server will be released on 22 May and is priced at ¥7,800 ($80 approximately).