Talking cars to be on road by 2012

Cars that talk to each other and respond to danger much faster than humans could be on the road as soon as 2012. A team from the University of South Australia has used Dedicated Short Range Communications technology to develop a system that broadcasts information to other cars using a combination of GPS and WiFi. The information would be updated 10 times a second. The cars would actually be able to figure out where there would be a safety issue, for instance around blind corners. In extreme cases it can control sections of the car, for example, in a collision it would start actions like seatbelt tensioning and deployment of airbags. Information about surrounding traffic could also help drivers choose the best route.

This technology is being developed by Cohda Wireless and the University of SA. Field trials have already been conducted in the US and Europe and a large-scale trial is planned for Adelaide. Driving is a complex task and technology can help it easier and safer. But yeah don’t think you will be getting talking cars as cool as KITT from the popular TV series Knight Rider.