Tan you pet

Okay, so you might want to kill yourself over how indulgent people are getting over their pets after reading this article. It seems people now like getting their pets “tanned”. Umm…and what if these animal tanning lovers had a black dog or cat? Anyhoo…SunSpa has now come out with this new pet tanning bed which offers a beauty treatment regimen for your beloved pet without having it laze in the sun or dirtying its paws in the great outdoors. So much for keeping your pet healthy and active.

This device comes with a wood arch that allows your pet to stretch out on it, where simulated sunshine offers the warmth of an actual sunbath. The bulb is able to maintain a temperature of 80-85 degrees on the bed’s Crypton Fabric surface, lasting for up to 5,000 hours while sipping 150 watts of power. And of course a “sensible” person like me thinks this is an absolute waste of money; apparently there is a market big enough to warrant such a release.
Via – Luxurylaunches