Tembo Trunks amplify earphone volumes by 30db

Looking for a great way to play your music out loud? The Tembo Trunks are bound to leave you well pleased and satisfied. By the looks of it, these earphone amplifiers seem to resemble those suction cups on sticks that we use to clean out our choked drains these days. But looks apart, the Tembo Trunks do seem to do a pretty marvelous job of playing those tunes aloud. All you need to do is slip your earphones in the back of these amplifiers and they raise the volume of you music playing to 80db, loud enough for you to hear the music playing clearly. Also, these use no cables or wires whatsoever and don’t need powering up. Completely waterproof, dustproof and stackable, these collapse when not require, making them well portable. At $39 a set, the Tembo Trunks are available in 5 colors for you to choose from.