Tetris Lights tests your creativity

When there’s something that can be customized to satisfaction, you ought to be creative to do it justice. These smartly designed Tetris-themed lamps manage to pull out just this potential from you. As the bricks are connected by you, they light up and create a beautiful representation that you wouldn’t mind sharing with the rest of your geek clan. The kit is available with seven distinctive, multi-colored Tetrominoes, an adapter and a cable. The vendor site claims, ‘A single square measures approximately 4cm(W) x 4cm(D) x 4cm(H), when combined, overall size is limited only by your imagination’.

The Tetris Lights can keep you busy and get extremely fragile in the hands of curious toddlers. So make sure they’re placed at considerable height. The lights cost £30 ($48).

[Available at: Firebox]

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